Canada to lift visa requirement for Mexico

The Government of Canada will be lifting the visa requirement for Mexican nationals beginning December 1, 2016. The decision is based on a priority to re-establish and strengthen Canadian-Mexican ties and the trading relationship. Mexican citizens will still need an eTA to enter Canada to visit, and will need to apply for a work or study permit if intending to do either activity.

The number of Mexican migrants is expected to rise significantly after the ban is lifted, also due in part to the recent US election. President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration campaign platform has led to an atmosphere of uncertainty, especially in regards to undocumented workers and illegal residents.However, until policies are actually implemented, any surge in immigration to Canada still remains speculative.

There are also concerns that the number of Mexican refugee claimants may increase significantly from current numbers. News outlets had stated that Canadian government officials had suggested the visa requirement could be reinstated if the number of asylum claims from Mexico reaches 3,500 in any given year, however, a news release announcing the policy did not mention any conditions attached to the change.


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